These automotive parts are most easily fooled to replace in advance, grasp the replacement cycle, and do not waste money.

For the friends who have cars at present, the repair and replacement of cars is about 10 people coming out and 10 people won't. So basically all the repair and maintenance operations are done by means of 4S stores, automobile repair factories and other places. But we know that in the automobile repair market, the labor cost is relatively transparent. So many 4S stores and auto repair factories put their goal on making customers change more parts and make more profit by changing parts. The main use is that the owners'information about the replacement cycle and price of various common parts is asymmetric. So we help you understand the replacement cycle and mileage of some common parts. In fact, it can also be used. Help people avoid being advised to change parts in advance by these organizations.

Brake pads: Brake is the most commonly used safety equipment for driving cars, so the brake safety of automobiles is the most basic and important for protecting our drivers'own safety. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the replacement time of brake pads. Of course, the wear rate of brake pads is also related to driving habits, and it is customary to brake vigorously. The owner of a sudden brake will wear the brake pads more quickly, so when the new brake pads are replaced for 20,000 kilometers, it is necessary to pay close attention to the thickness of the brake pads, whether there is any abnormal noise, whether the brake will have steering wheel vibration or not. By 30,000 kilometers, at least the front brake pads can be replaced, while the rear brake pads will be replaced. After 40,000 kilometers, we can also start to consider replacement. But anyway, if a maintenance technician suggests that you replace the brake pads for more than 10,000 kilometers, it must be a bad dealer.

Spark plug: In fact, the most common behavior of maintenance technicians is to replace the spark plug when the vehicle has some ignition problems. In fact, many ignition problems have little to do with the spark plug, such as deviation of valve timing chain, or blockage of fuel injector, etc. But many maintenance technicians recommend replacing the spark plug as soon as they start. 。 In fact, the service life of nickel-copper spark plug and platinum/iridium spark plug is 20-30,000 km and 50-70,000 km respectively without obvious problems. Of course, one of the advantages of spark plug is that customers can replace it by themselves. As long as there is spark plug wrench, they can install it by themselves. If they buy spark plug by themselves, it is cheaper, and it saves a lot of money to install it by themselves.

Timing Belt: As we mentioned earlier, the slippage or breakage of timing belt has a fatal effect on the valve, ignition and other parts and workflow of automobiles. Its deviation can lead to the problems of vehicle power decline and uneven combustion. Therefore, the aging of timing belt should be avoided, while the timing belt should be replaced in general. It's four years or 60,000 kilometers, but for the current timing chain of assembly of many models, obviously there is no problem of aging deviation, so as long as it's not bad, rest assured!

Brake fluid: The so-called brake fluid is what we often call brake oil. For automobiles, slight changes in brake fluid may cause the brake force of automobiles to weaken or even fail. Therefore, attention to brake fluid should be the same as that of brake pads and brake discs. Of course, as long as the brake fluid does not appear emulsification, blackening and other abnormal conditions, and there is no abnormal output of brake force, there is no need to worry about the brake fluid problems, but to be safe, when the vehicle arrives at about 3 years or around 50,000 kilometers, it is better to change the brake fluid once, but one year or another. A brake fluid of 230,000 kilometers is obviously unnecessary.

Gearbox Oil: In fact, gearbox oil is easy to neglect in our daily maintenance and maintenance, especially compared with engine oil, because engine maintenance, we are relatively diligent, so we will be relatively familiar with this piece. For gearbox oil, the replacement cycle may be relatively long. Many car owners do not even know how long the gearbox will be replaced. We have read many manufacturer's instructions about the replacement time of different types of gearbox oil, which are basically more than 50,000. For example, in general, the replacement time of VW's gearbox oil is more than 50,000. The cycle is 60,000 kilometers. Very few models have less than 40,000 kilometers of replacement cycle for transmission oil, so if there is no mechanical failure of the vehicle, it is more appropriate to replace the transmission oil in the number of more than 50,000 kilometers in the case of maintenance of the transmission.

Tire: In fact, the replacement cycle of tires is relatively good judgement, mainly depending on the usual driving environment, such as in remote mountainous areas of stone roads or non-paved roads, the speed of tire wear is relatively fast; while in cities and paved roads, the overall wear is more.  Less, so in fact, there is no relative quantification of the tire replacement cycle, mainly depending on the degree of wear. If the tread depth is less than 1.6 mm, or the tread has reached the wear indicator mark, it needs to be replaced in advance.

Therefore, in fact, the aforementioned automobile consumables which are easy to be replaced by 4S stores and gasoline consumers in advance or without problems are essentially replacement cycles, but need us to observe and pay attention to them, so we also recommend that you, in the future, if 4S stores are to be repaired and maintained. And the automobile repair plant suggested replacement, or to see the replacement cycle and wear and tear level, must not be others say what you change what! 



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