These parts of the car need to be replaced. Don't throw away the old ones. They can be sold for thousands.

Automobile is a mechanical product, which will naturally produce certain wear and tear if it is used for a long time. If it is not maintained in time, let the vehicle continue to wear, then the life of the vehicle is very short, and if it is maintained well, then the life of the car can be several years. However, some parts of the car need to be replaced when they are in use, or some more vulnerable parts need to be replaced because of the damage caused by temporary negligence. At this time, these replaced parts should not be said to be taken away by the repair shop, because some of them are second-hand, but the recycled price. Not bad.


Battery is one of the most easily damaged parts in automobile. Even if it is not damaged, the battery will be aged and need to be replaced after a certain period of service. At this time, the battery can also be recycled, at least worth 50-100 yuan.

Air conditioning compressor

Generators and air-conditioning compressors in the car are mutually reinforcing. In general, if there is any damage, the repair shop will let you replace them directly, not to mention repairing them. But the recovery price of the replaced air-conditioning compressors is not low. These two components can sell for hundreds or even thousands of yuan.

Three way catalytic converter

Nowadays, many people may replace the three-way catalytic converter because of the reasons of Guo VI, or the failure of the three-way catalytic converter itself, which needs to be replaced. At this time, don't throw the three-way catalytic converter away, because the three-way catalytic converter itself is metal, and can be sold where the automobile parts are recycled, or can buy one. Hundreds of dollars, at least to make up for the replacement of ternary catalysts.

Automobile tyre steel ring

Car tire steel ring is also known as hub, the material of the hub itself is not cheap. Sometimes when the hub cracks or is missing, many people will choose to replace the hub for safety, but the replacement hub must not be thrown away, the recovery price of the hub is basically thousands of yuan. In addition, tires are also a favorite of recycling plants and can sell for tens of dollars.

Generally speaking, if these accessories are taken back and sold by themselves, there are thousands of them. These thousands are equal to more than one year's gas fee or several months'parking fee. Don't give up for nothing. You are right.



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